Who’s Driving Your Bus? The Answer Can Change Your Life

Have you experienced repetitive failures or major blocks in work, business or relationships lately—or over a period of time. And it makes no sense to you? Do you get projects to a certain point and then “something” happens to derail it? Is there some repetitive pattern in your life that’s hard to understand? Or maybe you’ve had a great spiritual practice and everything’s been great until now? Maybe The Law of Attraction was working wonderfully and everything was rosy, and now it seems as if your power to manifest has gone south with the birds. You’re in great company. This is a growing phenomenon of awareness being experienced by many—especially those whose spiritual practice seems to have hit the same wall after years of deep and profound growth.

We’re being called to address any issues now that will keep us from fully playing our part in co-creating the new world we are rapidly moving into. To do this, you may need to look closely at who/what is truly driving your bus—(directing your life and controlling your happiness). It may be the invisible but powerful 600-pound gorilla in the driver’s seat—taking wrong turns, slamming on the brakes and crashing into things. No matter how hard you try, it seems to take you everywhere but where you want to go.

This rogue, life-limiting gorilla is any pattern, old belief, fear, experience or idea deeply buried in your subconscious and/or energy-body. It’s driving your bus and controlling one or more aspects of your life. It’s in charge of your life or an area of your life and it’s controlling where you go and how you get there, how you act and respond. It’s in the driver’s seat. It’s taking your bus—your life—down dead-ends, over rocky roads and on trips you never consciously intended. These old patterns and beliefs no longer serve your highest good and your purpose.

And you’re not to blame. We all have beliefs from our past that served us as kids or even as adults in certain situations—and they will sabotage our lives now if the energetic charge is great enough. These beliefs are as many as there are people. However, some common ones are: There’s never enough; I’m not good enough; money doesn’t grow on trees; I’ll never be successful; I’m not loveable; only the rich get richer; and on and on. You may be saying, “not me, I don’t believe that stuff.” And maybe you’re right. However—our subconscious (in fact, our entire energy-body) carries everything we have ever heard or felt emotionally since birth and even in utero, until we consciously clear it or neutralize it.

Studies have shown that even in utero and until  about two years of age, a child’s brain is predominately in a Delta brain wave state. This state in an adult is a state of very deep meditation or sleep. It’s the state where growth hormones are produced and a child absorbs everything it hears, sees and feels into its subconscious. It’s learning how to adapt to, live in and survive in the environment it’s born into. From age two until six years old approximately, a child’s predominant brain wave pattern is Theta—the brain wave state of meditation—and it absorbs everything without filters or conscious reasoning. If you heard repeatedly or even once if it was powerful enough that, “you’re stupid,” or “little girls can’t do that,” or you observed panic in your house about lack of money, or you witnessed great disharmony or abuse or one of thousands of other messages that kids receive from parents, teachers, friends and others, even if the intent was good—it’s in your subconscious, and it may be driving your bus. It’s important to know that older children and adults can also take on buried beliefs and emotional energies from traumatic or repetitive negative experiences.

The great news is that once you become aware—you can change things, and actually change your life quite quickly. It’s my belief that we are all being called to clear the powerful energetic charge these deeply held beliefs, patterns and experiences hold over us.  These are the fear-based, limiting, discouraging beliefs and patterns that interfere with our connection to all that is good for us. This negative energy can and does easily negate any positive affirmations.  Like does truly does attract like.  And if your subconscious is putting out the energy signals of lack, limitation, failure, unlovable, and other self-sabotaging vibrations, you can try until the cows come home–and very little will change.

Isn’t it time to boot the gorilla off the bus and hop back into the driver’s seat?

Your life is waiting!