“Patricia is an empowering, gifted and compassionate mentor. Her keen ability to “know” and “see” the less than obvious comes from a deep guiding wisdom. There are certain people in one’s life that you always count on to help guide you along the path when you stumble or find yourself struggling—and Patricia Kelley is at the top of my list.  As a professional Life Coach and teacher myself, I know the value of having a deeply intuitive, compassionate, yet challenging force in my life.

Patricia is a powerful combination of change-agent, bright intelligence, creative genius, motivator, inspiration and Spiritual guru all in one.  She can inspire you into your greatness better than anyone I’ve ever known. Truly masterful at what she does. Her gifts aren’t limited to personal and life mentoring.  She can just as easily mentor and coach on creating a conscious business—and attracting your ideal clients. She’s a master at Conscious Communications -seeing the whole picture and beyond.

You will find Patricia a true pleasure to work with—if you’re willing to do the work. She is engaging, powerful and empowering—all wrapped in humbleness and an unshakable integrity that is quite extraordinary. I am blessed to have her in my inner circle and am changed from our continual work together!”

~Barbara L. Beck – Expert Relationship Coach to Celebrities and more, Spiritual Practitioner  


“Engage. Inform. Activate: Essentials for effective speaking and a skill set honed to razor sharp perfection by Patricia Kelley.  A lifetime of activism and community service is shared in her presentation.  Do not go to Ms. Kelley if you want to remain unchanged.  Once her empowering energy grabs you– you’re hooked! Patricia Kelley’s earthiness, poise, judicious humor and positively unabashed heartfelt passion created a griping connection and powerful conduit for her words; She talked to me, the individual, in a room full of people….  A riveting speaker.  Enlightening.”

~William F. Martin, M.D.,  Seattle, WA


“I’ve watched Patricia through the process of cancer diagnosis and healing. She was not content to sit by and let the mainstream wisdom dictate her course of therapy. She spent countless hours researching her diagnosis and sought long and hard both within and without to determine what needed to be healed. Through her process she developed a passion to empower those around her to do the same. She shares her wisdom joyously. It flows from every pore of her being and inspires those around her to believe in themselves as well.

~Dr. Susanne Wilhelm DO


Patricia Kelley is quite simply one of the most effective and delightful inspirational speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.  She is intelligent and intuitive with a wonderfully dry and gentle sense of humor that she uses to connect with her audience and put them at ease right out of the gate. Not heavy-handed in her delivery, she doesn’t preach or lecture, but engages her listeners in a way that helps them connect the dots and find the message in a way that resonates with them personally.

What I perhaps hadn’t expected was how meaningful her words would be, how proud she would make us feel about where we had come from, how hopeful and positive she would make change and the road ahead seem, and maybe most gratifying, how she helped us to remember just how connected we all are, to each other as well as to the world around us, and how important that is.

…..just by standing there in her very calm and confident way, it was already clear that there was something special about her.

She obviously had done her research and knew exactly who her audience was, knowing how to both entertain and move us without making us feel “managed”.

She is a gifted and skillful speaker who charmed and touched us all. I can say without reservation that I will certainly look to hire Patricia if the need arises and if I ever get the opportunity to be in the audience when she is speaking I will be there without hesitation.

~Rebecca Pratt, Chief of Production (Ret.), Newsweek Magazine


“When you are ready to have someone on your side who is able to not only hold the space for you to step up and truly transform your life and business – but also guide you because she has been there too – I highly recommend Patricia Kelley.

She is an incredible combination of conscious, intuitive and open to spirit and seriously savvy about marketing and what does and doesn’t work in business. Patricia is able to not only see the whole picture – which may not even be visible to you yet – but also all of the moving parts and details.

Working with Patricia while producing an intense tele-series and launch on many levels was an uplifting experience which really illuminated her ability as a speaker, coach and change catalyst. Plus. The level of support she offered the community was simply stunning. Her passion, loyalty and get it done attitude is really amazing and her compassion, wisdom and energy will light you up!

It’s an absolute joy to work with Patricia and I know you will be fully supported in stepping into your highest expression and next level in your life, your business or throughout your organization.”

~dinny Lansdowne, Founder, Inspired Mentors – www.InspiredMentors.com


References and Testimonials for Patricia Re: Healing and Intuitive Gifts that support my work holistically.

“As a Medium, I’m very particular about who I receive intuitive messages from. The moment I spoke with Patricia, I felt her amazing and genuine energy.  In a matter of minutes, she connected deeply with the essence of my soul. Every time I’ve received a reading from her, I’m in shock at the accurate details she gives me. Patricia’s vibration is off the charts and I am grateful she was brought into my life.”

Lindsay Marino  www.LindsayMarino.com


“Patricia has an incredible gift, not only as a reconnective healer, but as someone deeply connected to the Source.  Her ability to receive intuitive guidance and share that in a way that creates understanding and clarity for individuals she has never even met, is remarkable. I have experienced more than one session with Patricia in which I not only felt an energy clearing, but also received spiritual wisdom that came through her as profound teachings.  Each session with Patty has had a positive impact on me, including stabilizing emotions, bringing about a sense of inner peace and allowing my own awareness to open more fully to Divine guidance.”   

~Barbara L. Beck – Expert Relationship Coach to Celebrities and more, Spiritual Practitioner