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Out of the Ashes-A Phoenix Rises

The mythical phoenix is a wonderful, mystical Arabian Bird. Its story and many variations have been around for centuries. The phoenix is a beautiful bird with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage. The myth of the phoenix is engaging and symbolic. This beautiful bird is said to live 500 years, and then, at the time of its death it creates a nest and while still in it, sets it on fire. Out of the fiery hot ashes of its own demise springs a new phoenix. Its life cycle never ends. The story is adapted to fit many cultures and religions. Its mythical nature and its name have come to represent everlasting life, rebirth, resurrection and immortality along with such qualities as vision, great beauty, undying inspiration, awareness and more.

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The Change Train Has Arrived–Get on Board!

The change that is upon us now is not optional. It’s turning our institutions, our lives, our jobs, and our perceived futures inside out and upside down. The state of flux and change in our global society is deep and fast. It is life altering. We’re in a period of time described as “Jump Time” by Jean Houston, PhD. A period of time called by many names, but described by many futurists, spiritual leaders, leading-edge scientists and millions of awakening individuals as: profound, titanic, tectonic and as a time of breakdown and breakthrough.

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