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Why Me? Why Now? What’s Next?

I can’t count the times or the situations in my life where I have asked silently and out loud, “When is this going to turn around?  What am I doing wrong?” Sound familiar? It is our human nature to want things, and to want them now. However, much to our chagrin at times, partnering with the Higher Power/Universe of our understanding, by whatever name we call the Divine, is a process of becoming all we are meant to be and do.

It is an evolution—not a horse race.

If we consider the fact that the Universe itself is multi-billions of years old, then our average lifetimes for this go-round are just nanoseconds on the Universe’s clock. What seems like a snail’s pace to us is perfectly ordered and orchestrated for maximum results. With that said, our biggest challenge to the process of becoming is to learn to embody faith and trust. Not just say we have or practice them—but embody them.

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