As a speaker, I love to inspire the greatness that’s possible in the individuals and the collective group I am addressing. Whether I’m speaking about The Next Big Step Beyond Recovery to audiences such as the 2016 International Conference on Addiction, or Alanon Groups, Reunions, and others about Living a Purposeful Life, Holistic Healing and Vibrant Living, Aromatherapy and more.

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I had the opportunity to meet Patricia Kelley at the Addiction Research Therapy Conference Oct 3rd-5th, 2016 in Atlanta. She is a wonderful presenter with good knowledge on how to get researchers and professionals in the psychiatric/addiction field to understand user experiences, and not only diagnostic evaluations, and to do good practices for the patient and their families. She has an open-minded way of connecting people from different countries to share their experiences. She also has insight in her own family’s experiences that are useful to medical personnel, patients and patient relatives.

–Kjetil Hustoft MD, M.P.H, Chief Psychiatrist, Stavanger University Hospital, Dept of Psychiatry. Norway

It is with great joy I commend to you Patricia Kelley. She is extremely gifted in calling for the greatness of people. Patricia helps people to effect positive change with new healthy lifestyles. She is authentic, bright and talented. Patricia wants to make s lasting difference in the lives of her clients. She uses a spirit, mind and body approach to help clients who struggle with addiction and associated issues. Patricia is excellent in helping people to experience deep holistic change and a deeper sense of well-being.

Paul F. Singh MA, CEO Holistic Life Change International, LP Beverly Hills Psychologist and Celebrity Coach, Interventionist at Betty Ford Centers, Lecturer—Mayo Clinic “Meet the Expert” Series, HolisticLifeChange.com

I got to know Patricia at the 2016 International Conference on Addiction in Atlanta, Georgia. She brightened the room with her very felt Soul full of peace and love. She is very kind and sweet with all the people, and ready at all the time to hear everyone with respect and attention. It was a pleasure to meet her; she has so much to teach to the humanity, to learn to live, to love and to leaving a legacy.

Andrea Vargas, Law Student, Daughter and Interpreter for her father, Pedro Vargas Navarro, Universidad El Bosque, a presenter at the Conference, from Columbia, South America.

Patricia Kelley is quite simply one of the most effective and delightful inspirational speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.  She is intelligent and intuitive with a wonderfully dry and gentle sense of humor that she uses to connect with her audience and put them at ease right out of the gate. Not heavy-handed in her delivery, she doesn’t preach or lecture, but engages her listeners in a way that helps them connect the dots and find the message in a way that resonates with them personally…

…..just by standing there in her very calm and confident way, it was already clear that there was something special about her. She obviously had done her research and knew exactly who her audience was, knowing how to both entertain and move us without making us feel “managed”.

She is a gifted and skillful speaker who charmed and touched us all. I can say without reservation that I will certainly look to hire Patty if the need arises and if I ever get the opportunity to be in the audience when she is speaking I will be there without hesitation.

–Rebecca Pratt, Chief of Production (Ret.) Newsweek Magazine

“Do not go to Ms. Kelley if you want to remain unchanged.  Once her empowering energy grabs you– you’re hooked! Patricia Kelley’s  earthiness, poise, judicious humor and positively unabashed heartfelt passion created a griping connection and powerful conduit for her words; She talked to me, the individual, in a room full of people….  A riveting speaker.  Enlightening.”

~William F. Martin, M.D., Seattle, WA