The Purpose Plan—Your Life’s Discovery and Recovery

When we weave together the emotional, mental and physical stumbling blocks, stepping-stones, guiding signposts, roadblocks and occasional train wrecks, we can uncover or re-discover our purpose. Through the trials and tribulations of life—many of us temporarily forget “who we are” and why we are here.

There are 7 billion + people on our planet Earth and no one has walked your path—and no one ever will. You are absolutely unique, one of a kind, for a bigger purpose, and valued by the whole of humanity for your contribution. Everything you have done and experienced is important to the work you are here to do.

The questions we all end up asking in one form or another are: For what reason was I born? Who am I? Why am I here? Do I really matter? Our Soul is calling to us, to wake up, to re-cognize who we are and to claim and honor this truth of our reason for being. And, It’s relentless. It starts from day one—and continues to lead and guide us through pain and pleasure until we reach the point where we are asked to get focused and live according to this purpose. Nothing is lost. Every experience has added to the richness of who we are, trained us in many ways and created the character and Spirit needed to hone in on our work.

We come to that fork in the road where we finally have the courage to embrace who we are. Fully and completely, warts, crashes and all the darkness we’ve tried to hide. We’ve known it all along, even if not consciously, we have a real purpose. Little things and big things have been speaking to us our entire lives—and we have made sojourns into aspects or callings of purpose. Our lives have been our training ground. We have a new knowing that we cannot fail, for anything on the path of purpose is for our greater good, and the good of all we serve. We have the wind of Spirit at our back—we feel connected. Finally.

It is my belief that one’s Purpose is not always one specific thing, job or other. Rather, we have what I call an Overarching Purpose and Themes of Purpose that show up throughout our lives. For instance, my Overarching Purpose is as a Change Catalyst/Teacher. I have to make a difference. My Themes of purpose include: writer, activist (Animal and Human Rights), Speaker/Teacher, Inspirer, Coach and a few more. Excavating my purpose took me back to childhood and forward.

Who are you? For what awesome reasons were you born? What do you love to do now? What makes your heart sing? Meditate, ask, listen and journal. Every mess contains a powerful message. Every lemon contributes to the lemonade.