Why Me? Why Now? What’s Next?

I can’t count the times or the situations in my life where I have asked silently and out loud, “When is this going to turn around?  What am I doing wrong?” Sound familiar? It is our human nature to want things, and to want them now. However, much to our chagrin at times, partnering with the Higher Power/Universe of our understanding, by whatever name we call the Divine, is a process of becoming all we are meant to be and do.

It is an evolution—not a horse race.

If we consider the fact that the Universe itself is multi-billions of years old, then our average lifetimes for this go-round are just nanoseconds on the Universe’s clock. What seems like a snail’s pace to us is perfectly ordered and orchestrated for maximum results. With that said, our biggest challenge to the process of becoming is to learn to embody faith and trust. Not just say we have or practice them—but embody them.

The road back to a focused on-purpose life is littered with cast off control issues, other people’s dreams for us, our own preconceived notions of what is perfect for us, and everything else that no longer serves us on our new journey.

When you look back on the events of your life from a new and higher view, the timing and the events you review will have been perfect. Some you still may not understand, because you are not supposed to. That’s ok; in fact, it’s perfect.

Abraham Lincoln’s story is a great example of the process of becoming. Lincoln was an amazing man according to most history books. He also experienced many difficulties and tragedies on his way to his own greatness, learning something from everything and becoming stronger through very difficult circumstances. Lincoln had his own set of roadblocks and train wrecks.

It took Lincoln thirty years to achieve his dream of becoming president. Over a period of forty-four years he went through what many of us can relate to. He was forced to work at age seven after his family lost their home. His mother died when he was nine; he was nearly killed when kicked in the head by a horse; his business failed [he spent seventeen years paying back money he had borrowed from friends]; he was defeated for the legislature; he lost his job and failed to get into law school. This was followed by a personal and business bankruptcy, several more legislative defeats, the death of his sweetheart, a nervous breakdown, multiple bouts of melancholy and deep depression, and a failed run at the Vice Presidency. All of this happened before he won the presidency of the United States in 1860. Lincoln also suffered through the death of ten out of his twelve children and the ever-present  “melancholia” of his wife Mary Todd.

When you partner with your Higher Self, some things will happen very quickly. Others will take much more time. On a Universal or Cosmic level, things need to be developed, put in place, and made available for your great new life. People need to be brought into your life and you into theirs. There may be skills you need to learn. A house may need to be built or a job developed that doesn’t even exist yet. Or maybe you need to be fired, experience betrayal, overcome an addiction or lose your money, or all of these things. Your faith may need to be made stronger and your trust absolute. Your character may need bolstering. And you’ll need to develop great listening and visual skills, the kind that sees and hears Spirit everywhere and in every living thing, including most importantly—within you.