Make Your Expectance Speech

My journals over the years are filled with messages about the importance of expectation to manifest what is desired. Many of the messages were what I call channeled messages and others came in the form of wonderful synchronicities. In one session many years ago that impacted my practice of expectation, I had asked the question: What is the action I should take?

In a very quick response, I heard: Action of the heart and mind—expect, Expect is a Holy verb, Expect in all ways—in all days, Expect Miracles, Know this is true and believe you receive.

Our expectance speech is the fuel to our co-creative power. It’s not a speech we give to the world, or a group of people. It’s the speech we are giving to the Oneness via our thoughts, words and actions. The Universe/Oneness does a Holy tap-dance when we joyfully and confidently expect good things to happen in our lives. Expectancy infuses our thoughts, speech and actions with a knowing energy that we will receive—we have received—and our expectancy energizes the manifestation process.

It is this focused and well-intentioned Good Mindedness, driven by the power of expectation that aligns us with the One Mind. From this potent marriage our greatest possible good is born into our world, and the entire Universe benefits. Cosmically, everything now moves enthusiastically to create our unique worlds for us. Miracles unfold in a miracle-making atmosphere, when we engage with the Limitless.

It does not matter what did or didn’t happen yesterday, or last year, or in our families, or in our lives. Because we are in and of the One Mind, everything changes the instant we change our mind about how we think about anything—including and most importantly, ourselves. We live in the limitlessness or limitations of our lives, which we have constructed with our patterns of thought. We alone choose to limit or to increase, to expand or constrict our lives. I have done both. I have experienced incredible over the moon joy, and the depths of grief and sadness. I’m betting you have too. We’re growing and expanding humans. We’re on an incredible journey here. Roadblocks and train wrecks are part and parcel to life-altering wakeup calls. Forgive yourself.

So, part of this important expectance speech is the acceptance piece. It’s so important for us to forgive ourselves for any actions, behaviors, embarrassments, poor decisions and more. I’m getting better and better at letting go of these from throughout my past. I encourage you to do the same. Clear the decks. I’m finding that I truly learned a lot from the dark side of my life’s journey. And mostly, it was to simply redirect me onto the right path for my most purposeful life. Accept what was. Expect all you desire. Believe in you. You are a blossoming butterfly!