Exploding Illusions of Limitations

Our perceived limitations are nearly always illusions. They are beliefs that we have somehow accepted about ourselves. Illusions are projected onto us through our thinking, the critical and limited thinking of others, and what the world says about education, talent, success, creativity and everything else. We give them power by believing they are true about us.

If you have a deep desire to do or create something—it is Divinely implanted in you. You came to this earth at this time to give birth to that desire. Remember, if it is genuinely good for you, it will be good for others. Any desire that diminishes anyone is not of your Highest Mind. It is ego-based.

You have no limits in co-creation with your Highest Good. The all powerful and creative Higher Mind has already answered the desires of your heart, the dreams of your life. Just let go of how you think it will look or get done. Stand firm in your belief and allow yourself to be guided. That can show up in many of what I call signs, signals and synchronicities. As a “get’r done” person, this was a huge lesson and letting go for me. I’d always have a plan and a way. Sometimes it worked out well, and many times, when not truly aligned with my Higher Self, it didn’t.

Would you be doing something different or in addition to what you’re doing if all of your perceived limitations just fell away? Would you take the first step to realizing a dream or goal, if you knew it was possible? Would you hike the Pacific Trail or climb a mountain? Would you write a book or become a teacher? Would you create the most incredible organic garden and/or teach others to do the same? Would you move to a new place or build a new home on your own? Would you open your heart to new friends and situations? Would you quit doing something that was sucking the life out of you?

Ask yourself—what if I didn’t let fear get in the way; what if I took one step today to co-create my dream? What if I let go and allowed myself to be inspired? What if my past had nothing to do with my future? What if I was perfect for the work/impact I came to earth to do/be?

We alone can choose to release our perceived limitations. Our greatest tasks will require our greatest efforts—and the Universe will have our backs. If you have a great idea or have felt moved to do something and you think, “How in the heck am I going to do that?” –it’s a good sign!

You are alive for many reasons. What dreams and desires are you nurturing? It’s time—the world you’re a part of needs you!