Everything Is Working Out

Each one of us is exactly where our thoughts, beliefs and actions have led us. Our thought patterns, conscious and unconscious, and their consequential expression in our lives have brought us to this point. As scary as that can be, it also offers the ultimate liberation. Those same powerful and insidious patterns of thought that have attracted havoc or less than desirable circumstances into our lives, can be changed almost instantly.

Once we come to grips with our own responsibility for our lives, and accept this as truth, we are then able to free ourselves from the associated guilt and fears that hold us hostage. We can then choose differently. We can choose to live a life that is on purpose and in perfect alignment with our reason for being here on this planet, for this lifetime—at this exact time in history. As hostages, we live small, fear filled lives. As on purpose, Spirit filled Souls, we are limitless.

We each have what I call, a Divine Compass. While our lives may appear to be zigging and zagging, our Divine Compass is set to draw us back to our destined path when we get lost, or fall off track. It knows where we are going and how to best get us there. Imagine your “maximum potential life” where North on a compass usually appears. You can go many different directions, take dozens of different trails, but the minute you feel lost, it is there to guide you back on track.

When we veer off course, it is Cosmically engineered to urge us back towards our Divine direction—a governor of sorts. Just like we might put a speed governor on a teenager’s car to prevent them from getting into trouble while learning to drive, our Divine Compass will keep us headed in the direction of our Truth. It will assist us in staying aligned with our purpose and help us accomplish our reason for being in our human bodies at this time on our beautiful planet.

Our Divine Compass is integrated into our soul’s metaphorical DNA. It is the Spirit of All That Is within us. It is this Loving Force that wants us to succeed, to be everything, to have everything that is within our Divine Right to be, do and have.

Our lives were never meant to be without discord, or without difficulties. Our problems are what open us up to our Higher Selves. Problems make us available to our maximum potential life, which never quits calling us, although the pain may seem unbearable at times. There would be no need to be here on Planet Earth if everything was perfect, if we were perfect.

This Divine Compass is not meant to take us in a straight line, or to control us. It simply lovingly supports us in reaching our potential.