The Change Train Has Arrived–Get on Board!

The change that is upon us now is not optional. It’s turning our institutions, our lives, our jobs, and our perceived futures inside out and upside down. The state of flux and change in our global society is deep and fast. It is life altering. We’re in a period of time described as “Jump Time” by Jean Houston, PhD. A period of time called by many names, but described by many futurists, spiritual leaders, leading-edge scientists and millions of awakening individuals as: profound, titanic, tectonic and as a time of breakdown and breakthrough.

Anyone who is even mildly awake can see that we are living in times that are nothing like we’ve ever seen before. If you think differently-you’re asleep.

We must choose to change with it-to bend and flow and co-create with the change that has arrived and not just from outside forces-but from the deep Inner Self that calls us to become our best-to participate in creating a better world for everyone. No exceptions, No exclusions. No time to waste.

You were intended to live at this time in the history of the world. You have a part to play in making it better-or making it worse.  Choose better.

We are being offered the chance of a lifetime-to become the best we can be. The best we are intended to be as individuals, communities and countries in a new era of caring, sharing, compassion, fairness and equality for everyone, in every country. A new respect for our environment and the animals we share the planet with.

A new interdependence is birthing itself.

It’s very exciting. If we can look at the chaos and turmoil around us with the knowing that we are re-creating a better world; a better economy based on honesty and fairness instead of runaway greed; a just and compassionate global society; and a cleaner and greener earth for all of us to live on-then it makes it easier to accept that what’s happening is necessary to evolve us into a humanity that will shine so much brighter than our recent past.