Make Your Expectance Speech

My journals over the years are filled with messages about the importance of expectation to manifest what is desired. Many of the messages were what I call channeled messages and others came in the form of wonderful synchronicities. In one session many years ago that impacted my practice of expectation, I had asked the question: What is the action I should take?

In a very quick response, I heard: Action of the heart and mind—expect, Expect is a Holy verb, Expect in all ways—in all days, Expect Miracles, Know this is true and believe you receive.

Our expectance speech is the fuel to our co-creative power. It’s not a speech we give to the world, or a group of people. It’s the speech we are giving to the Oneness via our thoughts, words and actions. The Universe/Oneness does a Holy tap-dance when we joyfully and confidently expect good things to happen in our lives. Expectancy infuses our thoughts, speech and actions with a knowing energy that we will receive—we have received—and our expectancy energizes the manifestation process.

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The Purpose Plan—Your Life’s Discovery and Recovery

When we weave together the emotional, mental and physical stumbling blocks, stepping-stones, guiding signposts, roadblocks and occasional train wrecks, we can uncover or re-discover our purpose. Through the trials and tribulations of life—many of us temporarily forget “who we are” and why we are here.

There are 7 billion + people on our planet Earth and no one has walked your path—and no one ever will. You are absolutely unique, one of a kind, for a bigger purpose, and valued by the whole of humanity for your contribution. Everything you have done and experienced is important to the work you are here to do.

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Who’s Driving Your Bus? The Answer Can Change Your Life

Have you experienced repetitive failures or major blocks in work, business or relationships lately—or over a period of time. And it makes no sense to you? Do you get projects to a certain point and then “something” happens to derail it? Is there some repetitive pattern in your life that’s hard to understand? Or maybe you’ve had a great spiritual practice and everything’s been great until now? Maybe The Law of Attraction was working wonderfully and everything was rosy, and now it seems as if your power to manifest has gone south with the birds. You’re in great company. This is a growing phenomenon of awareness being experienced by many—especially those whose spiritual practice seems to have hit the same wall after years of deep and profound growth.

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