Aromatherapy has been another very powerful life enhancing and changing pursuit in my life. As someone who used a powerful plant based diet as a catalyst for healing from a diagnosis of breast cancer—the study of essential oils was a natural and potent expansion of my love of Plants and nature as a whole.

I am offering Coaching to individuals and Consulting to organizations and companies on the value and use of Aromatherapy in therapeutic and business settings. Please see my Coaching-Consulting Page.

A research paper I wrote, The Viability of Aromatherapy to Support Addicts in Beyond Recovery Work, looked into the olfactory pathways of processing the aroma of essential oils to support the emotions and feelings loss of purpose, inadequacy, deep grief, anxiety, feeling scattered, fear of continued failure, loss of joy and much more.


Read what others have said regarding my ability as an Aromatherapy Consultant:


To whom it may concern;

I write this letter of endorsement for Patricia Kelley. I have encountered Ms. Kelley on numerous occasions in the course of my treating a myriad of complex opioid dependent clients. I have found her to be both wonderfully sensitive and perspicacious in dealing with a vast array of co-morbid difficulties. Her grasp of esoteric medical conundrums combined with intuitive and logical paths of alternative healing have made her an invaluable ally to her clients. She is able to assuage fearful encounters with a truly enlightened healer’s voice and touch.

I would whole-heartedly recommend her to assist in endeavors which require one to view and treat a human-being in a gentle, firm, yet caring holistic manner.

GL Godfrey, MSN, FNP-BC
former Director Island Hospital’s Pain Clinic


What an unbelievably great idea to help those recovering from addiction to support the continuing emotional changes they are experiencing post acute care and meetings.  You’ve pointed out many of the emotions one deals with in Beyond Recovery phase and how essential oils acting upon sensory perceptions can help to create a new reality for those individuals. Aromatherapy used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, spiritual practice and a conscious social network can support those who are Beyond Recovery and we truly feel that you’re on to something big in this arena.

 Thank you so much for this wonderful paper and all of your work, Patricia!”

Shelia S. Murray, Clinical Aromatherapist, Owner of Essential Care Aromatics School of Essential Oil Studies, & Aromahead Institute Instructor.


A client had this to say:

I am honored to commend Patricia Kelley as a deeply impactful and insightful professional Aromatherapist. Patricia is the consummate consulting professional as she instinctively instilled confidence in me, as her client, the moment she began her consultation. Patricia’s professional and refined approach was the cornerstone of her work, in my experience.

Patricia has a calming and soothing approach that exudes personalization and assuredness as she looked deeply, and intuitively, into my needs as a client.

I found that Patricia was diligent about collecting my client information and insisted on adjusting and developing custom blends that were perfectly blended for me. She updated me on any changes she wanted to make to her initial recommendations and the reasons for the adjustments.

In my work with Patricia, she always sought continual feedback to assess my relief and the effectiveness of her blend. Most importantly to me, Patricia always indicated the practical applications her blends had for my overall health, and for my future health regeneration. 

I know, in working with Patricia, that she has very strong communication skills, which helped to convey very useful client support information to me. Her communication skills are so clear and impressive that I believe she will be finding herself appealing to larger venues in the near future.

Because Patricia is always willing to provide additional support, and her dedication to helping others is so strong, she will be able to help many, many people and do well as an Aromatherapist.

I know, for me, Patricia has been so inspirational and was and is a true guiding light around reclaiming my health. She has encouraged me to extend the knowledge that she has graciously shared with me, to other healthy living practices.

I sincerely hope that I have been able to properly convey the tremendous combination of quiet grace, the strong intuitive and tenacious research ability, alongside a deep and pervasive knowledge, and an undeterred dedication that Patricia Kelley brings to her aromatherapy work.

I would be more than happy to provide any additional information that you may have regarding my delightful experience working with Patricia Kelley toward my improved well-being.

Respectfully with warm regards,

Susan Jancic, MA, MA Ed, Family/Child Counselor, Ret. Educator, Administrator/Program Coordinator,