Journal Your Way To Answers

My practice of journaling has been key to empowering my vision for my life. It can do the same for you. After a while, the simple act of placing your pen to paper will activate the power of your intentions. It also causes you to focus on what’s being written by moving you into an alpha state; a more relaxed “in the now” state of being and creation. You enter the “gap” more easily in this state. The gap is that place between thoughts where inspiration can flow, uninhibited by your conscious and unconscious blocks. The blocks are momentarily suspended. This is the gap, the matrix, and the field of all potentiality.

In this state of flow, you’re more open and receptive to Higher Guidance while you journal. This is where the power comes in. Journaling can be used for multiple purposes. I use it to record aspects of my life, my feelings, thoughts and emotions. I also use it to record ideas and inspirations for my work and my life in general. My journals are the only rearview mirror I use for my life now. They serve to remind me of how far I’ve come, whenever I need reinforcement.

The most powerful use of journaling is to receive Guidance, ideas, wisdom and direct knowing from our Guides, our Higher Self or anything else you’d like to call the inspiration that comes from “out of the blue.”

You may even start to experience what is called, “Automatic Writing.” At first I didn’t know what it was called—or how it was happening. I would just look back at the pages I had journaled and read things I did not recognize as my own writing. The vernacular and “voice” were different—and the messages were sometimes nothing less than astounding.

I’ve never had the feeling of “checking out” during my automatic writing sessions. However, I am more conscious of when it’s happening now. I know I am writing while channeling—and usually have had contact just prior to its start. What I mean by contact is that I silently hear words, or feel a presence, or sense more of a knowing, that pops into my mind.

I always start my journaling with gratitude. Write about everything that comes into your mind to be thankful for—even when you can’t see the good in something yet. If it seems as if you have nothing to be grateful for, start with gratitude for your breath, your life, the life of your kids, pets, food, shelter, butterflies—anything, no matter how seemingly small. It will shift you into the energy of gratitude and a very high vibration. It aligns you with the flow of the Universe, which is always supportive.

Journaling will change your life in wonderful ways. Trust in your capacity to receive the wisdom of the Universe.