Patricia M. Kelley

Patricia M. Kelley

Welcome To My Website!

I am a Big Changes Coach, Consultant and Speaker with a holistic focus. I speak on subjects that include: The Next Big Step Beyond Recovery, Living a Purposeful Life (The Purpose Plan), Holistic Healing and Vibrant Living, Aromatherapy and more.

I have come to love change and see the positive power of it in my life—and the lives of others. I believe in a mind, body, and spirit approach to life. There is always a message in every mess and an opportunity in every change. I can help you, your Business or Organization.

What I teach, coach and speak about changes lives. I have been there and done that—and have been through many and deep, often profound changes. If you’re an individual, I can help you reach your dreams, desires and goals–no matter what. You can be all you were born to be. If you’re a business or organization seeking an inspiring talk or Keynote for an event, let me help you. 

Transition is intrinsic in everything material and spiritual. From birth to death; season to season; sun to rain; unconsciousness to consciousness-everything transforms-everything changes-passing from one state of existence to another. This includes individuals, businesses, governments, countries, nature and ideas.

Some changes happen naturally, without our conscious participation, and others require us to be aware, to be conscious–and to choose change. It is this awareness we must develop to begin to live our best, most meaningful lives. We can do this through a commitment to do the inner work. This growing awareness begins to shift and expand our consciousness. In this new state of being–it’s impossible to intentionally hurt others or us. It opens up new doors and opportunities. This is the change that changes everything.

If you, your business or organization seeks to be inspired in and through needed change, to become even greater, to lead the way in your world, please get in touch via my Contact Page.

We are all meant to live lives of purpose-that have meaning. Don’t pass up another opportunity to get off the highway of “drones and robots” and onto a “road less traveled by”– for it will make all the difference.

Let’s Schedule an Introductory Call

If you or your business/organization would like to experience an empowering and uplifting Speaker, Consultant or Coach with a Holistic Approach, please contact me and let’s schedule an introductory call. Please review my website and learn more about my experience, gifts, talents and the many wonderful and confirming testimonials I have received.

It is with great joy I commend to you Patricia Kelley. She is extremely gifted in calling for the greatness of people. Patricia helps people to effect positive change with new healthy lifestyles. She is authentic, bright and talented.

~Paul F. Singh MA LP, Beverly Hills Psychologist and Celebrity Coach

Patricia Kelley is quite simply one of the most effective and delightful inspirational speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time. She is intelligent and intuitive with a wonderfully dry and gentle sense of humor that she uses to connect with her audience and put them at ease right out of the gate…..just by standing there in her very calm and confident way, it was already clear that there was something special about her.

~Rebecca Pratt, Chief of Production (Ret.), Newsweek Magazine

Do not go to Ms. Kelley if you want to remain unchanged. Once her empowering energy grabs you– you’re hooked! Patricia Kelley’s earthiness, poise, judicious humor and positively unabashed heartfelt passion created a griping connection and powerful conduit for her words; She talked to me, the individual, in a room full of people…. A riveting speaker. Enlightening.

~William F. Martin, M.D., Seattle, WA